What do I do if I’ve been served with a lawsuit?

You typically have 30 days from the date you were served to file your appearance on the case. If you fail to file an appearance within the 30 days, the plaintiff can move forward on the lawsuit and receive a default against you. It is important to contact one of the attorneys at Giannola Legal LLC as soon as you possibly can after being served so your attorneys are given ample opportunity to address the case before the 30-day deadline.

I don’t know if its worth it to pursue a lawsuit, what should I do?

You’ll never know if it’s worth it until you ask. Contact one of the attorneys at Giannola Legal LLC, we offer free consultations. During the consultation, the attorney will be honest about the possible outcomes of your case, and if it makes sense financially to file a lawsuit. In some instances, the opposing party may be liable for your attorney’s fees. In these circumstances, a fee petition can be filed to force the opposing party to pay your legal fees.

I have a judgment against someone, how do I get paid?

Contact one of the attorneys at Giannola Legal LLC to begin collection proceedings. We are able to search our database for banks the person or entity banks with, and locate property the person or entity owns. With this information, we can freeze assets through the court system in order to get you paid.

What is “Corporate Counsel”?

Corporate counsel, also known as “general counsel”, is a company’s main attorney that handles all of the company’s legal matters.

What is the benefit of hiring corporate counsel?

Even the best of companies face legal dilemmas during their ordinary course of business, or require legal advice before pursuing new opportunities and ventures. Having corporate counsel allows the Owner and/or CEO of the company peace of mind that their company is following the law.