At Giannola Legal LLC, we understand that financial catastrophes can happen to the most honest and hardworking individuals. Lawmakers understand that too, which is why they have provided legal financial relief in the form of bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy with a bankruptcy lawyer in Cook County, IL can help you get a fresh financial start. Bankruptcy can help those who are overwhelmed with debt and cannot find the means to repay it. Our lawyers at Giannola Legal LLC can help you file for bankruptcy to protect yourself from creditors. 

How We Can Help

Bankruptcy cases are handled under rules that you’ll find outlined in the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Our team of bankruptcy lawyers in Cook County, IL have the experience and knowledge to help relieve you of your financial struggles. We offer Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings.  There is no need to stress further about financial hardships because at Giannola Legal LLC, we are here to support you and assist you throughout the process of filing for bankruptcy. 

The government highly recommends speaking to a qualified lawyer before moving forward with any bankruptcy decisions, as the process can come with long-term legal and financial consequences. Bankruptcies can halt wage garnishments, home foreclosures, and vehicle repossessions, as well as reinstate driver’s license suspensions due to financial reasons. If you cannot pay your bills as a result of high debt levels, contact us so we can discuss your options. 

Don’t go through bankruptcy alone—there are many intricacies in the paperwork required for filing for bankruptcy and Giannola Legal LLC is here to work through the process with you, your spouse, or your business. Giannola Legal LLC helps individuals find financial relief through bankruptcy including Chapter 7 (liquidation) and Chapter 13 (debt consolidation).

Is Filing For Bankruptcy The Right Choice For You?

Did you know that thousands of Americans file for bankruptcy monthly as it’s a solution that offers individuals financial relief and protection from creditors? According to the United States Bankruptcy Courts 2018 Nonbusiness Bankruptcy Filings, over 67,000 individuals filed for bankruptcy in a one month span. There is no need to fear getting legal help for a financial situation from which you cannot find an escape. Bankruptcy may be the right option for you, so let our team give you guidance on your financial situation and help you decide the best plan of action for you.

Don’t let debt get in the way of your life, get help from Giannola Legal LLC. Call us today to discuss your options for relief and find the best solution for your financial troubles. We understand that financial struggles can be emotional and stressful, so we will provide you with timely responses to questions and experienced legal advice during your case. If your finances and debts are becoming the biggest stressor in your life, don’t hesitate to call us today. You can also schedule an appointment with one of our legal professionals through our website today.