Legal issues within families can be complex and stressful, often leading to heightened tensions and additional problems. Emotions run high in these situations, making the assistance of a family law attorney invaluable.

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At Giannola Legal LLC, our experienced team has helped countless individuals through family lawlegal issues. We give you the personal attention you need and use mediation, negotiation, or litigation to reach the best results.

Divorce Lawyers in Joliet

Giannola Legal LLC specializes in a wide range of family law matters. We are here to help, from initiating the divorce process to addressing post-divorce issues. You can rely on our family law attorneys to provide the legal support you need.

Legal Separation

Some couples choose to remain married but legally separate themselves, both physically and financially. This is often done as part of an agreement to work on their relationship and resolve differences, or to maintain benefits that would otherwise not be available should the couple divorce.

Uncontested Divorces & Document Review

In cases of amicable divorce, individuals may choose self-representation. Having the legal support of a divorce lawyer on your side is still incredibly helpful, though. Our attorneys will review your paperwork to ensure fairness and accuracy.

We can also draft new documents and make sure all your paperwork is legally binding. If you and your spouse have an agreement, our uncontested divorce services begin at $2,500.00 (flat rate).


When all efforts to save a marriage have been exhausted and divorce is inevitable, seeking legal counsel is highly recommended. Unfortunately, dissolving a marriage can give rise to various issues.

Our trusted divorce attorneys specialize in addressing issues including child support, parenting time, the division of assets and debts, and spousal maintenance. Additional complexities may arise, such as relocation, co-parenting with difficult partners, and dissipation.

Post-Decree Issues

Even after the finalization of a divorce, legal issues can still emerge and cause complications. Our attorneys are adept at handling unpaid support, resolving property matters, modifying marital settlement agreements or parenting allocation judgments, and more.

Parentage Action & Paternity

If your child was born outside of your marriage, the court must establish paternity. This must be done before child support payments can be received or parenting time can be established. Our attorneys are here to fight for your rights and help you navigate this process.

Child Support

Child support issues can arise at any time outside of marriage. We assist in calculating child support payments, addressing child-related expenses, and collecting past-due support. We can also help with contesting incorrect arrears and modifying child support orders.

Grandparent Visitation

Typically, parents decide who is permitted to see their children. However, grandparents may be able to obtain a court order to spend time with the grandchild. Schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys for a case review.


If you are planning to adopt a child, our attorneys are here to help you navigate and understand the process. It can be complex, and each case is unique. Let us shoulder the hard work for you so you can enjoy this memorable time in your life.

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Divorce and Family Law Attorneys in Joliet

Navigating family law issues and divorce matters can be emotionally challenging. That is why our law firm is so dedicated to providing top-notch legal support and representation. We take the time to attentively listen to your concerns, address your questions, and offer effective solutions.

When you need experienced family law attorneys in Joliet, IL, trust Giannola Legal LLC. We are dedicated to improving lives, and we take pride in our trusted reputation. Schedule your free consultation today by calling Giannola Legal LLC or reaching out online at your convenience.