Family law court is personal, difficult, and stressful. The process is long and frustrating, and often times neither party comes out a “winner,” which is why it is imperative that you seek out an attorney who truly guides you through your case, answers emails and phone calls, and is both relentless and strong in your position.

The attorneys at Giannola Legal LLC understand this, which is why our goal is to make our clients feel comfortable, informed, and represented. Beginning at the initial consultation, we are realistic with the options you have and the possible outcomes. Throughout the case, we strive to deliver positive results, as well as constant communication with our clients.

Family Law-Related Cases

Giannola Legal LLC has a team of family law lawyers serving Cook County IL, and the Chicagoland area. We represent individuals with family law-related issues including:

Legal Separation: Illinois recognizes legal separations.  A legal separation occurs when a couple chooses to remain legally married, but separate themselves physically and financially in hopes of either resolving differences in the future, or in order to receive benefits that are only offered to married individuals.

Divorce: Divorce is a very difficult decision to make, and an even tougher process to go through. There are a multitude of issues that arise in dissolution proceedings including the most commonly known ones such as child support, maintenance (formerly known as alimony), parenting time of children (formerly referred to as custody), asset division and liability division. In addition to these material issues, clients often face personal issues such as the anxiety of starting over, severe emotional strain, and financial hardship. The attorneys at Giannola Legal LLC help you face both the issues in the courtroom, and the issues you face personally.

Post-Divorce Issues: Divorce is the beginning of a life-long change and even after a divorce is finalized, there can be various outstanding legal issues that arrive later on. Our attorneys are equipped to handle situations such as confronting spousal support modifications, fighting for unpaid spousal or child support, unresolved property issues, changes to marital settlement agreements or parenting allocation judgments, and any other post-divorce issues that may arise. 

Parentage Action: Parentage actions arise when a child is born to unwed individuals and the court must intervene to set child support and/or a parenting allocation judgment. In every parentage action, there must be a finding of the father-child relationship before the mother will receive child support or a court will enter a parenting allocation judgment. Giannola Legal LLC can help you with this process.

Child Support: Issues include the settling of child support, collection of past-due child support, fighting an incorrect arrearage award, and modification of child support.

Child Custody (now known as parenting time) and Decision Making: Our family lawyers in Cook County, IL have extensive experience in the division of parenting time and decision making with respect to minor children. Contact Giannola Legal LLC to learn what your rights are under Illinois law when issues of parenting time or decision making arise for your children.

Adoption: Adoption is a life-changing experience for everyone involved. Contact our offices to handle all the legal qualifications and documents during the adoption process, so you can focus on getting ready for the new addition to your family.

Grandparent Visitation: For the most part, parents are in charge of deciding who is allowed to see their children. However, as a grandparent, you have the right to request a court order to spend time with your grandchild if necessary. Ask us how we can help with this situation. 

Orders of Protection: An order of protection is designed to stop the horrific event of abusive or violent behavior. Do not hesitate to contact our family law lawyers in County Cook, IL if you or a family member is being harmed or threatened in any way. 

Document Review: In cases of amicable divorces, individuals may choose to represent themselves. In these instances, it is still important to have an attorney review your Marital Settlement Agreement and/or Parental Allocation Judgment. Document review can be helpful in a variety of situations, especially regarding a topic as sensitive as family law. Legal jargon and extensive documents are best analyzed by a professional, so make sure you hire a lawyer to review your paperwork to ensure you fully understand what the document entails and making the necessary decisions.

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