What’s the big deal about driving without a valid license?

You could be looking at some serious problems if you were pulled over and given a ticket for driving without a valid license and your license has been expired for more than a year. In Illinois, this is a Class B misdemeanor offense. The potential penalties include up to 180 days in jail, and a maximum fine of $1,500, not including court costs. Driving without a valid license is punished as severely as other crimes, such as criminal trespassing.

What are the long-term effects of being convicted of driving without a valid license?

You may also face penalties from the Secretary of State if you are ticketed for this offense. A person who does not have a driver’s license, or never had a driver’s license, is still governed by the Illinois Secretary of State. The Secretary of State can suspend and even revoke driving privileges, regardless of whether or not the driver has ever even had a driver’s license. They can also take away the driving privileges of the person who has a license from another state. This sanction would apply while that person is inside the borders of Illinois.

The penalties for driving without a valid license are:

  • First conviction: Two-month suspension
  • Second conviction: Four-month suspension
  • Third conviction: Six-month suspension
  • Fourth conviction: One-year suspension
  • Fifth or any following conviction: License revoked

If you were driving without a license or with an expired license, the charge is serious and you need to contact your attorney as soon as possible. Giannola Legal offer consultations with one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys at no charge to you.