What is a misdemeanor or aggravated speeding ticket?

Not all speeding tickets are petty offenses.  If you are pulled over for speeding more than 25 miles per hour over the limit, then your ticket is classified as a misdemeanor.  Speeding between 26 and 34 miles per hour over the limit is a Class B misdemeanor, and speeding 35 or more over the limit is a Class A misdemeanor.  Like all misdemeanors, these speeding offenses are punishable by jail time; a Class B by up to 6 months and a Class A by up to a year.  These misdemeanor speeding offenses also come with higher fines than petty offenses; up to $2000. 

What is the impact on my driving record?

As you can imagine, these “aggravated speeding offenses carry a heavier cost to your driving record also. Speeding offenses on your record can cause your insurance premiums to rise, and these offenses are recorded on your driving record which will be used the next time you are charged with a traffic offense. There are ways to fight these tickets and effective methods to argue for an amendment of the charge, which is when the prosecutor changes or “amends” the charge to a petty speeding offense or a different, less serious offense all together.

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