Divorce and family law issues can cause tension within the family unit and tend to be emotionally draining on those involved. When facing such matters you need to have an experienced, reliable family law attorney you can depend on for legal advice and representation.

The family law lawyers at Giannola Legal LLC remain in constant contact with our clients, keeping them apprised of all changes, developments, and costs involved. We fight tirelessly on your behalf and take pride in being compassionate attorneys who understand the process and how to help you make the right decisions.

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Family Law & Divorce Attorney in Kendall County, Illinois

Our dedicated attorneys are adept at handling a wide range of family-based legal issues. From asset division to child support, you can trust our family law law firm to handle your case with the attention to detail and level of importance it deserves.


Welcoming a child into your family is one of the most selfless, loving things a couple can do. The process can be intense, however, and having a lawyer on your side helps move things along smoothly.


While getting married is often the highlight of one’s life, divorce can just as likely be the lowest point. We can help prepare a marital settlement agreement that best protects you, and we can assist with property division, asset and debt division, spousal support, and post-divorce issues.In the event you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement, we know the ins and outs of the court system to provide you aggressive litigation.

Parenting Time and Child Support Issues

Children are often put in the middle of divorces which not only causes extreme distress to the children, but the parents as well. . Allow our divorce attorneys to help create a parenting plan that best fits your family, or discuss the options if an agreed parenting plan is not possible with your spouse so you can focus on taking care of yourself and your children. Along with allocation of parenting time is child support which the attorneys will also resolve for you.

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Experienced & Trusted Family Law Attorneys

Whether you are facing parentage issues or need a divorce lawyer, we are here for you to make the experience as seamless and painless as possible. Giannola Legal LLC is committed to our clients, providing hands-on service and representation.

When you need a family law attorney, put your trust in Giannola Legal LLC and let us do the leg work for you. Schedule your free consultation online or call today.