Giannola Legal LLC provides general civil litigation. This includes breach of contract cases, landlord and tenant disputes, collection matters, and contract review. Our team of highly experienced attorneys can help determine the basis of your litigation case and defend or fight it for you. If you are dealing with a civil litigation dispute, we can help. With years of experience helping individuals just like you, Giannola Legal LLC’s team of client-focused attorneys is dedicated to resolving any civil litigation case.


Giannola Legal LLC is a team of skilled and experienced general civil litigation attorneys in Cook County, IL helping to handle cases involving a variety of disputes. We are here to give you the legal guidance you are looking for with all litigation proceedings.


What Are Some Civil Litigation Examples?

When it comes to general civil litigation cases, our attorneys focus in these primary areas:

Breach of Contract

Breach of contract cases involve situations where one or more parties have breached a valid contract. A contract that is not in writing does not make it unenforceable; oral contracts are enforceable. For a breach of contract case to be upheld by a court, it must meet a list of general requirements, and our team is trained to do an in-depth review of your case before taking it to the courtroom.


Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Litigation cases involving landlords and tenants can come in many forms. Some of the most common cases are when a lease contract is not being honored by either party, the responsibility for damage or repairs is not clear, security deposits are not returned pursuant to the agreement, or an eviction has occurred. In some cases, disputes can even lead to police involvement. To ensure that your case does not escalate to grander legal repercussions contact Giannola Legal LLC today.


Collection Matters

If you’re in a legal bind with collection matters, it most likely means that the strict debt collection laws imposed by the state are not being followed or payments are not being made. On the other end of it, if you have a judgment that you cannot collect on, we may be able to get you paid. Our skilled attorneys at Giannola Legal LLC can assess your case and develop a reasonable plan of action.


Contract Review

In the case of contract review, our general civil litigation attorneys in Cook County, IL will rationally analyze a contract to control forecasted risks. We will explain and clarify aspects of the contract to help you better understand the overarching agreement you could be signing. Giannola Legal LLC also offers contract drafting including the most common contracts such as construction contracts, employment agreements, and non-disclosure agreements (NDA). Our team is well-versed in legally binding contracts, and we can ensure that you or your loved ones completely understand what you are signing. We can also review signed contracts and explain possible ways of release from said contracts.

If you are dealing with a civil litigation case, you don’t have to go through the proceedings alone. Let Giannola Legal LLC help you find a solution. Contact us to set up a meeting with a general civil litigation attorney in Cook County IL and the Chicagoland area to discuss your case and the options you have.